Marianne and I are the co-founders of MontCai with the support of our young son. It is a creative synergy where all opinions matter regardless of age. 

As the seed of MontCai was planted, it brought us together thinking how we could pursue our true passions even if they are outside our comfort zones.

As a second generation architect I have a deep need to design, create and make. This passion is what keeps me going in a very demanding profession always trying to push boundaries and delivering an exceptional experience.

At MontCai we want to create pieces that will cheer your day and lift your spirit. Our pieces are designed with passionate hearts and crafted with great care to offer you something that you will cherish and keep forever, passing it on to the ones you love.

Soon, our dear family members Mira and Joey will be joining our MontCai team. Can't wait to have them on board to further flourish and shine.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Amir Youssef

We are happy you are here :)