Our Story

MontCai was passionately born in Montreal, Canada in 2019 after an inspiring trip to Egypt filled with history, sacred places and the beautiful sea. With the aspiration to trigger inspiration, sensation and emotion with objects of delight, these creations are made to be a reminder of what you want to achieve away from your comfort zone. To be admired and treasured by their keepers for a very long time.

Timeless, pure and unique are the design guidelines for the brand. A hybrid between old and new. Each piece is born to give cheer, enthusiasm and delight to the ones who choose to wear them.

Each piece is crafted individually, using sterling silver or gold in all of our collections, sometimes enriched with cold enamel accents other times adorned with precious stones. Attention is paid to the smallest details, taking ownership of every single piece, ensuring the perfect finish using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

One of our main core values is self development and we believe that encouraging others to strive for their dreams is very important. Our goal is to have you consider each piece as an extension of your own self, your own identity and your very own personality, celebrating confidence and inspiration with every day. That is why most of our pieces can be personalized to suite your preference.