"If you don't ask, the answer will always be NO."

Sometimes we’re afraid to ask for something we need, even though we're sure it will make us happy.

Maybe you’re afraid to join a nice group of friends, thinking that they may reject you. You're actually losing a nice opportunity of having cheerful company. Maybe you meet the man or woman of your dreams but then you imagine all the reasons why he or she will say "no", giving the opportunity for another person to snatch your dream, leaving you alone to watch them in sorrow.

Many of us lose great opportunities by just not asking and assuming rejection or just simply not taking the chance. This is the first enemy that imprisons your dreams and limits your potential: FEAR, whether it’s fear of rejection or fear of failure or even fear of being judged.

Ask yourself, why am I afraid? What do I have to lose if I asked? What may happen if I didn't ask and lost the opportunity forever? Now pause and think it through.

Second enemy that stops you from trying is HESITATION, you're not really sure of what you want. To overcome this, you need to ask yourself; why am I hesitant? What’s holding me back? Do I really know what I want? If I lose this opportunity, how am I going to feel? Be sure your hesitation is not driven by your fears, and not because of not knowing what you want. Dig deeper to know what is the real reason that is keeping you from pursuing your dream, stop your hesitation and choose your path.

Third hidden enemy is LACK OF SELF-CONFIDENCE. Ask yourself, do I really believe that I'm worthy of such an opportunity? If you really believe that you deserve it, you will do your best to have it.

Fourth enemy is PROCRASTINATION, maybe you’re sure of what you want and how to reach it, but you are trying to put the perfect plan, overthinking things, be careful of ‘paralysis from analysis’ holding you back from taking action, or maybe just waiting for the right time which never comes. Remember time equals life and it’s the most precious gift you've got. Don't waste your life promising yourself to do things "one day"!

Last but not least is the one that has power over them all, it's your MINDSET. Sometimes the problem is within you, not in the circumstances around you. When you feed your mind with words like, " it's hard", "no way" and "I can't" or maybe “it’s too late”, you're building large barriers within yourself, instead of taking small steps towards your dream.

Put your big dream in front of you, break it down into small steps. You will celebrate each step you take towards your dream and you will see it flourish day after day.

Let Go of “I Can’t…” and Go After What You Want. Start now and pursue your true passion.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~Nelson Mandela.



Rania Fouad
Life coach and author
Internationally certified life coach - ACC certified.
Author of " Beyond The Obvious".

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