Everyone at some point in time has had the experience of holding something precious to their heart, not wanting to let go no matter what. I experienced this feeling when I was a little boy. The story starts when I was playing with my Swiss army knife and I wanted to clean it, so I put it in boiling water for a few minutes. To my surprise all the plastic melted. Extremely disappointed with what happened, I ran to my father showing him what I had done, and as a creative architect & artist, he took the knife, found a beautiful piece of rich walnut in the house, carved it out in the shape of a Swiss army knife cover, sanded it and oiled it to a perfect finish then assembled it to the pocket knife. I was amazed with how miraculously and seamlessly he was able to alternate a hopeless chaos into an extraordinary piece. I cherish it till this very day.

Making something with your hands has something very spiritual and meditative to it. Especially when you are doing a repetitive task, it's like your brain is in a special zone where you can create and have a soul building experience at the same time.

I have always envisioned MontCai to be a maker of desired pieces; pieces that people will love to wear and collect. Statement pieces that open up discussions between strangers at the same time keeping a simple and streamlined design. Not a piece that someone would buy to show off their wealth but a piece that someone would buy because they loved it, the craftsmanship would be obvious. We Also want to have a strong social impact, the success of our brand needs to stretch out and help those who are less fortunate.

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